I’m a monkey….

I will explain the title in a minute. But first…

A couple of weeks ago I had a well needed catch up with one of my best friends who I’ve known since high school. We first met in the playground on the first day of school way back in 2006. All we did at first was walk past each other saying hi. It wasn’t until we found out we both had French and Spanish lessons together and that we were set next to each other that we started to get to know one another. From there the friendship began. Ok throughout school we had our ups and downs but what friendship doesn’t, luckily we’ve managed to keep our friendship and become closer then ever. Also my friend has two amazing beautiful children who I absolutely adore. Both of her kids call me auntie.

Now back to the title I was with my friend doing the school run which I don’t normally do as I like to stay at hers and wait for them to come back. (Will explain below) her youngest child walked out of school shouted my name as he was happy to see me and then stopped and looked at me then said, where’s your other arm? Now my friend was mortified but I just said don’t worry as he will come to understand just like her eldest did when she was younger. Her eldest had asked the same question when she was 3 years old and I explained then that I didn’t have one but I was just the same as her. After that she didn’t question it and now she sees me as me. (she does like to try and copy me when I’m using my feet and also likes to walk around the house in my shoes).

But we had to explain to her youngest that I only have one arm. At first he was saying things like I have two hands you have one why? Which I didn’t mind as I knew he’ll grow to understand in his own way. Then we explained that the things he can do with his hands like play on his iPad. And turn lights on and off I can do the same but with my feet. That is when he started asking can I eat cereals with my feet to which I replied yes. Then can I peel and eat a banana with my feet. I replied yes. That is when he turned round and said so you’re like a monkey. I just said yes I’m like a monkey as I thought if it helps him understand then I’m happy for him to think that.

To be honest I’m glad he asked me and had me explain things rather then point and stare which is what some kids tend to do if they see me. Some kids are fine they will look, see me and smile and then look away. Others will, stop. stare. point and even follow me around just looking at me. I’ve had few kids do that in some shops it does get a bit annoying. This is the reason why I don’t like going to pick my friends kids up from there school. Sometimes adults can be just as bad as the kids.

The worst thing ever to happen was when I was in Oxford and there were a few kids on a foreign school trip. I was in a room in a museum and they were in there as well, whilst I was looking at items in a cabinet I could see them looking at me. They were pointing, staring and nudging there friends to do the same and wherever I walked they followed. Then I turned round and noticed one of them was taking pictures of me. Luckily I think I moved so the picture probably came out blurred but still it put me off from going back to Oxford, haven’t been back since probably will but not when it’s during summer and school holidays.

I’d rather people who see me and want to know where my other arm is, to just ask me. I will happily explain that I’m just the same but unique in my own way and that my feet are like my second pair of hands but that’s another blog post.

One arm wonder signing off.


5 thoughts on “I’m a monkey….

  1. I don’t understand people who make comments or take pictures. It’s really none of their business and it shows such a lack of understanding and empathy. Maybe I see it differently because of my own personal views but I like how you turn it around and use it for positivity. And I love that you explain things to your friend’s kids in such a lovely way:)


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